New Project Setup

Git Repository

If you're creating a Blender or Spoon application, first clone its main repository and remove the .git folder. This will be the base application for your new project.

Create a repository on the Spatie organization on GitHub using the repo naming rules.

Example: spatie/

Lastly, update the .env.example file with values relevant to the project (database name, app url, our Slack webhook url, etc.)


  1. Provision a new server on Forge. Use a kebab-cased version of the domain name for the droplet (example: guidelines-spatie-be)
  2. Create a new site with root /current/public
  3. Ensure the name of the database makes sense
  4. Run our ansible scripts on the freshly provisioned server
  5. Start one or two queue workers: default, and if using Blender media_queue
  6. Update the relevant .env variables. Don't forget to add the necessary service API keys later.
  7. Enable backups in BackupPC for the project
  8. Update our shared .ssh/config file, so we can SSH to servers without specifying a username


Our Blender sites use a few third party services. Here's a checklist of what needs to be set up.

Unless specified otherwise, use the website's domain name as its identifier (API key name, property name, etc.)

  1. Create a new Sendgrid API key
  2. Create a new Google Analytics property
  3. Create a new Google Tag Manager container
    • Create a constant containing the Universal Analytics ID
    • Set up a tag for Google Analytics pageviews
  4. Set up Bugsnag for Laravel
  5. Set up Bugsnag for JavaScript